This is My Story

Having grown up in Botswana, and lived in Cape Town since 2005, I am privileged to have always had a wealth of inspiration around me.

I am drawn to candid photography, portraiture, street photography, and anything involving children. I love spontaneity, and that reflects in my photography.

I have a newfound fascination with boudoir photography. This ties in with my love of portraiture and the skill I aim for involved in capturing the human form.

I have photographed many international artists, including Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Kylie Minogue, Santana, Justin Bieber, Sting, Lil Wayne, The Eagles, The Script, Linkin Park and many others. Again, the spontaneity of these events is alluring to me. I love capturing the unexpected moments of their performances and the emotion it conveys to the crowd.

I have covered corporate events such as The Bookmarks Awards, Sinai Indaba and the Cosmo Lingerie & Swimwear shows.

I’ve also been involved with charity projects such as the Street Store.

I aim to shoot anything, and everything, and offer various portfolio packages catering to models, corporates, families or individuals. My “eye” will not limit me to any one format. I believe I can capture something unique in any situation.

I also keep a blog, where I show my love for special projects and give a full portfolio of what I shoot.

All images on this site are owned wholly by Neal Tosefsky unless otherwise stated.