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Cee Bailey Lingerie Shoot

Cee Bailey and I have worked together before. It was a quick shoot we put together with a specific theme. This, on the other hand, was plain and simple lingerie. We had access to a good looking Bantry Bay apartment too. I had previously worked with Cee, this this was a much more relaxed shoot, and I absolutely love the... read more

I Finally Get to Work with Cee Bailey

I have seen Cee around for some time and it was great when she made contact to shoot. This ‘Rock Chick’ theme was for a competition Cee is part of at the moment, where she came third. We’ll definitely be working together again soon. You can find more of Cee Bailey on Facebook, Twitter and... read more

A Street Photography Photowalk with Cameraland and Nikon

I took part of a photowalk today, hosted by Cameraland and sposored by Nikon SA. We started out on Long Street in Cape Town and headed through Greenmarket Square towards the Company Gardens. There was a “best photo” competition on offer, but you had to submit images straight off the camera! My aged camera (my brain) didn’t quite want to behave with no edits, so I didn’t win. It was a pretty good and chilled walk, these are my results. My intention with the edits was to be high contrast, black and white.... read more

Shooting These Lovely Ladies at Batstone Pool

I’ve been trying to work with Yolandi again ever since our #BikiniReady shoot last year. After much procrastinating I finally got my ass into gear and we began planning. Yolandi got Kathryn and Rizelle involved, so it was going to be group swimwear shoot. We also got Demi Lee Moore in at the last minute to get some shots for her done too. The shoot was done at the amazing Batstone Pool, which is a great little venue for swimming, working or grabbing a cocktail. Next on the list is definitely a lingerie shoot with Yolandi. Stay posted! More on Yolandi on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Venue Batsone Pool Makeup by Michelle Hair by... read more

Wedding: Alex and Bronwyn

Bronwyn is a special person. She’s not the type to do things in the ordinary, and why should she. I’ve photographed her before, in this maternity shoot on Tafelberg Road on Table Mountain.  I loved that shoot.  As did I love shooting this wedding. The story of Alex and Bron is a long winding road.  They were even driving on different planets on the proverbial map before they eventually landed together, quite fittingly, by their children. They really are perfect for each other.  Both are nuts.  Both are awesome. Their wedding was no different.  Typical Bron meant she didn’t want the traditional-type shoot where we started at 9am and shooting for hours afterwards.  This meant it was more candid.  It was much easier for her this way, which meant it was for me too. There was a good party afterwards, including the bride ending up in the pool – in her dress. The wedding  was at a great venue too, on a farm near Mtunzini in KZN with the sun setting behind... read more

Santana: The King

I’ve been to a fair amount of concerts around Cape Town now.  I’ve photographed bands like Coldplay, Kings of Leon and Sting but this Santana concert was unbelievable. I don’t necessarily know a lot of his music, but very often it’s about the passion and brilliance of an artist to really make a show. If you missed out, you really missed out.  He is simply, The King. These are my shots of from the night on behalf of... read more

The Awkward Wedding

I was in Botswana for work and received a call from an old friend saying they might need me as a photographer at a wedding that weekend (3 days away). They hadn’t had confirmation from the photographer doing the ceremony that she’d be able to shoot the rest and didn’t need anything more than the wedding party’s portraits plus some of the reception so I was happy to do it.  I was told where to be after the ceremony and arrived a little early to scout the location. An hour passed after my scheduled meeting time and still no car. I confirmed with reception if I was in the right place, and I was. Wait a little longer. Eventually get a call back saying the car had broken down. Okay. It eventually got there, as did the photographer who had been following them all day. Perfect. It’s bad enough fighting with family members and friends trying to take photos, but now each of us would be fighting with each other. I immediately explained the situation to her and she was very accommodating. I explained how I’d be standing back and taking the odd shot while she did her job. I didn’t want to get in the way. It was weird, because I wasn’t a second shooter, nor was I the actual photography. Awkies. Not only was I caught of guard about the actual wedding itself but now this.  It was odd to say the least.  In any case, I got some shots of the bride that I’m pretty happy with. She looked... read more