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Wedding: Alex and Bronwyn

Wedding: Alex and Bronwyn

Bronwyn is a special person. She’s not the type to do things in the ordinary, and why should she. I’ve photographed her before, in this maternity shoot on Tafelberg Road on Table Mountain.  I loved that shoot.  As did I love shooting this wedding.

The story of Alex and Bron is a long winding road.  They were even driving on different planets on the proverbial map before they eventually landed together, quite fittingly, by their children. They really are perfect for each other.  Both are nuts.  Both are awesome. Their wedding was no different.  Typical Bron meant she didn’t want the traditional-type shoot where we started at 9am and shooting for hours afterwards.  This meant it was more candid.  It was much easier for her this way, which meant it was for me too. There was a good party afterwards, including the bride ending up in the pool – in her dress.

The wedding  was at a great venue too, on a farm near Mtunzini in KZN with the sun setting behind them.


  1. Great pics, looks like you had some awesome light to work with!

  2. This wedding looks amazing and Your photos captured the personality of the bride and groom perfectly. I got an immediate sense of the family and the farm and I was drawn in completely. Your photos give the impression of one big family at ease with the occasion …..celebrating together with abandon and you capture the casual spirit in the way you have chosen to take the photos.
    My favourite photo is the group photo where the baby has fallen over in the foreground. It says it all. Your text about the wedding tells the whole story in just the right amount of words. I hope that you will find an equally talented photographer to photograph your own wedding someday! (Couldn’t resist :-)))

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