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A Boudoir Session with Leigh

A Boudoir Session with Leigh

You’ll know Leigh from her #BikiniReady challenge in 2013 where she set herself 12 weeks to get her body into shape.  She lost 15 kilograms and ended up with a  body she’s happy with and also one she knows is healthier.  (These images will be live here in the next few weeks).  In the weeks leading up to the shoot I passed the idea of a boudoir shoot to Leigh.  Still some weeks to go for the challenge, she wasn’t too keen on the idea and we left it there.  Fast forward to the #BikiniReady shoot day and I brought up the idea again with her.  Leigh was feeling good about herself and happy with the results of the last two weeks, she agreed.

With only the weekend in Cape Town, we spent the rest of that day securing a venue and the next morning doing some quick lingerie shopping.  Crystal Towers Hotel got onboard and gave us a chic suite, which had a shower in the middle of the room and purple lighting.

We spent a couple of hours taking some great photos which I know Leigh was very happy with.  She worked hard for her new body and she’s now able to appreciate the sexy side of it too, with the photos to remember it by.

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  1. Well done on a brilliant photoshoot.


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