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Some Friends

Some Friends

I’m seriously starting to love this type of photography.  I’m not sure what to call it, but I love it.  Here are a few of my beautiful friends.  (The last 3 people shots were taken by Emma.)


  1. Some great shots, I’m not a big fan of B&W but I must admit these shots have a dimension that would be lost if they were colour.

  2. great shots, they have something which would be lost in colour shots, I don’t know enough about photography to get technical, but they look great!

  3. Love these shots, my fav’s are Ninja, Grum, your’s and gorgeous Ireland.

  4. Thank Toni. Totally agree with you with these. But I love B&W. I’m a huge fan.

  5. Neal, awesome pics… I need that one of myself, please 😀

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