So, it would seem bucket lists are the new hot craze.  It would seem one or two movies have prompted their rise, but the thing is, they’re pretty cool!

So here is my photographic bucket list of things/people/objects I’d like to shoot before I hang up the ol’ equipment.  At least, the thing with photography is that the lifetime of being able to shoot is fairly extended.

Here we go, in no particular order, which I’m sure will be expanded upon as life goes on…

  1. The Big 5, in the wild
  2. A photo in 25 different counties. (2 so far) One from each continent
  3. The Northern Lights
  4. Water splashes/drops
  5. High speed shooting of balloons exploding
  6. Lightning – Done
  7. Two old guys playing chess or checkers in a park
  8. Eagle in flight
  9. Sunrise over water – Done
  10. Sunset over water – Done a million times, but can always be bettered.
  11. Autumn streets
  12. Under a pier
  13. Long exposure of waterfalls
  14. A wedding
  15. People Kissing – There’s more to it than just this. But when I have it, I’ll know.
  16. Babies – Done and done.
  17. Modelling shoot – Done and Done and Done
  18. Nude shoot
  19. Street photography – New York – London – Paris
  20. Woman Smoking
  21. Star Trail
  22. Spider’s web covered with morning dew
  23. Dog shaking off water
  24. Underwater shoot
  25. A wind farm
  26. Surfers in the blue
  27. A book (even on my own coffee table) of Cape Town.