So, I’ve always been into photography.  But after all this time, I’ve never really had a model that’s there for me.  I’ve always been the type to take action shots or random whatever-is-around-the-house type things.  I love capturing people in their natural environment before they pretend in front of the camera.  That being said, I was giving this opportunity to shoot the beautiful and very camera-friendly Samantha Laura Kaye.  Sam is looking to build her portfolio as well as crack into the 100 Sexiest Women by FHM.  I’m just trying to learn and see where I fit in.

To be honest, the shoot was last minute and unplanned by me.  Not that it makes a difference, I’m not sure I would’ve done it any differently had I had time.  I had never had my own model to myself nor had I been on many shoots, so I wasn’t too sure of what exactly I should be doing.  Sam helped where she could by bringing large amounts of sexy lingerie and we had a great house to use in De Waterkant.

It was tough directing a model for the first time.  I know I didn’t do a good job at it.  I also didn’t know what I wanted so didn’t convey my thoughts well enough.  Normally I let people do their own thing and I snap.  This is totally different.  Much harder.  And needs much more creativity from me, which probably isn’t my strong point.  On the plus side, I can look at the outcome and see what I would’ve liked changed.  I must just remember to voice those thoughts and remember that the model is there to do what I ask.

It was also the first time I’d ever used a speedlight.  Or any other type of additional lighting, actually.  I kind of got the hang of it but there’s a lot of practice that needs to happen first.  And I also need my own!  Sam also let me use her 10-24mm which you can see in some shots.  I loved it too and it’s definitely one I’d like to save up for.

I loved working with Sam and I’m hoping to shoot her again in the next few days before she goes to London for a few months.  You can see the pics here.  Don’t forget to vote for Sam on the 100 Sexiest and you can keep track of her on her site.